SPACEPLAN Limited Policy


Administrative and operating charge clauses


After becoming a member of SPACEPLAN Limited by online registration, if any member has successfully dealt any project through this platform, SPACEPLAN Limited will collect 5% of the whole project’s contract sum as administrative and operating expenses. In the future, SPACEPLAN Limited reserved the right to revise such service charge clauses and update on www.spaceplan.com.hk without a special notification to you. The revised service charge clauses will timely entry into force and replace the old clauses.


If your any member violates the above charge clauses or deliberately hide any transaction with registered customer of SPACEPLAN, SPACEPLAN Limited has rights to suspend or block member account of your company voluntarily, and the charges for serve plan paid by your company will not be returned. SPACEPLAN Limited retains the legal right of recovering all charges and losses.


If the commercial tenants (service providers) and the customer (service demander) have any dispute about money or transaction, this should be solved between both parties and SPACEPLAN

as a mediator would not involve into any of these disputes.


2. Agreeing to acceptance clause


Welcome to use the service of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk). The following are service terms (hereinafter called service terms) of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk). we will supply the service to you according to the regulations of the clause. We will revise the terms from time to time without specifically notifying you. You can browse the full text of the clauses in www.spaceplan.com.hk. The revised charge service clauses will timely entry into force and replace the old clauses in the date of putting up openly. When you use specific SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) services, we shall abide by guides and regulations being put up openly (being put up again from time to time) for specific services. These guides and regulations are a part of the service clauses.


Service note


SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) provides users with interior design and renovation service platform online, information distribution and data display services. The above services are supplied by www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk Limited of SPACEPLAN Limited.


You know and agree that online decoration consultation space is supplied by our company and stations in company/organization (hereinafter referred to as the third party) for consultation service, and SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) does not guarantee the validity of the information provided by the third party. Any user shall adopt the information supplied by the third party, namely, any user shall learn any possibility brought by the information, and SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) will not be responsible for it.



You understand and agree that the information publishing service requires exposing account name and telephone number, which depends on the service requirements. You understand and agree that the information display service may include ads, and these ads are necessary for SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) to supply this service. You also understand and agree that this service may include communications issued by SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk), such as service advertisement and administrative information, and these communications are a part of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) service, you must receive.


Unless otherwise expressly provided, increasing or intensifying any new function of this service (including the new products) is regulated by this service clause. You understand and agree that the service is provided according to the current situation. SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) shall not be responsible for aging, deletion, mis-delivery or failure to store of any client communication or personalization setting. SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) reserves the rights to suspend all or partial services for maintenance, repair, update or other jobs that are thought to be proper by SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) without prior notice. You must gain this service voluntarily, and shall be responsible for the fees of the third party (such as internet supplier or charging on time) related to this, including the fees related to advertisement show or transmission. In addition, you must provide all the necessary equipment to obtain the required services and be responsible for them.


Your register obligations


In order to use the service, you agree to the following matters: (a) According to the reminders of the registry of the service, supply your correct, accurate, newest and complete material (previously issued information, hereinafter referred to as register information), (b) maintain and update "registration data" immediately to ensure that it is correct, accurate, current and complete. If you provide any untrue, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or misleading information, or SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) is reasonable to suspect that the previously issued information is wrong, untrue, outdated, incomplete or misleading, it has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse that you use all or partial service at present or in the future. SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) gives great concern to safety and privacy of all users




The registration data and other related data preserved by SPACEPLAN Limited(www.spaceplan.com.hk) are regulated by personal data regulations and privacy right policyof our company. Please browse the full text of privacy right policy in the following web page: www.spaceplan.com.hk.


 Account, password and safety of member



After completing the registration process of the service, you will receive a password and account. Maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account is your responsibility. You will bear full responsibility of all activities carried out by using the password and account. You agree to the following matters: (a) your password or account suffers any unauthorized use or any other security problem happens, you will notify SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) immediately, and (b) you shall complete your account number use, when the connection is completed each time. For any loss or damage that is derived due to the reason that you do not abide by this regulation, SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) cannot and will not be responsible for it.


7. Member behavior


You understand all information, data, text, software, music, audio files, photographs, graphics, videos, messages or other materials (hereinafter referred to ascontents), whether they are publicly posted or privately transmitted, the responsibility shall belong to the provider of the previously issuedcontents. In other words, you, not SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) shall be in full charge of the unloaded, pasted, sent E-mail or contentstransmitted on this service. SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) cannot control the contents pasted through this website, so that the correctness, integrality or quality of the previously issuedcontentscannot be ensured. When you know or use this service, you may come into contact with unpleasant, inadequate and disgustingcontents. In any case, SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) is not responsible for any mistake or omissions of anycontents, and any loss or damage deriving form pasting, sending or transmitting E-mail by this service.


You agree to not use the Service for the following purposes:

Upload, post, send e-mail or transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, harmful or discriminatory, or morally undesirable contents.

(b) Harm minors in any way.

(c) Impersonate any person or organization, including, but not limited to supervisor of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk), or state or lie the relations with any personnel or institution by false and disloyal ways.

(d) Forge headers or control identifiers in other ways, in order to be in the disguise of sources of any contentssent by this service.

(e) Upload, paste or transmitcontents that there is no right to transmit in other ways according to any law or contract or trust relationship (such as internal data, exclusive and confidential data known or disclosed due to employment relationships and according to secret contracts).

(f) Upload, paste or transmit contentsof any patent, trademark, business secret, copyright or other exclusive rights (hereinafter referred to as rights) abusing any person in other ways.

(g) Upload, paste or transmit any advertising letter, promotional material, junk mail, over-issue mail, chain letters, direct selling, or any solicitation materials of other forms in other ways.

(h) Upload, paste or transmit or transmit any material with the purpose of disturbing, damaging or limiting any computer software, hardware or communication equipment, including but not limited toTrojanvirus Trojan Horses, Worms, Time bombs or Cancelbots hereinafter referred to as virus, or other computer code, record and form by E-mail or in other ways.

(i) Disrupt the normal flow of dialogue, cause quick movement of a screen, or make other user of the service not be able to type, or have a negative impact on the ability of other users to participate in instant communication.

(j) Interfere with or disrupt the service or the server or network connected with this service, or fail to observe provisions, procedures, policies or regulations of connection network of this service.

(k) Intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, national or international regulations, as well as any regulations having the force of law.

(l) Track or harass other people in other ways.

(m) Collect and store personal data of other users; if personal data is stored properly and used in accordance with the relevant personal data protection regulations, then it is not in this column.


You understand that SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) does not examine the contents of the third party in advance, but SPACEPLAN Limited(www.spaceplan.com.hk) and its nominators have rights to refuse and remove anycontentprovided by this service according to their own considerations. Under the premise of doing not limit previously issued contents, SPACEPLAN Limited(www.spaceplan.com.hk) and its nominators have rights to remove anycontentthat violates this clause or is disgusting. When you using any content, including the situations relying on correctness, integrity or practicability of previously issued contents, you must agree to assess voluntarily and bear all risks. So that, you agree that you cannot rely on any contentcreated or accepted by SPACEPLAN Limited(www.spaceplan.com.hk), including but not limited to other parts of the service. SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) is contained in a message on the operation of real-time manner, and SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) will bear no legal liability for the authenticity, integrity and the position of the message.


All comments of the messages represent individual opinions of those who leave messages, not the position of this website. Since SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) is limited by mode of operation of instant upload message, so that it cannot fully monitor all messages. If readers find message problems, please inform our website: www.spaceplan.com.hk by the following form. Your know and agree that SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) shall store or reveal contentsaccording to requirements of laws and regulations, or based on integrity, or for the following purposes within reasonable and necessary scopes.


(a) Comply with legal process,

(b) Enforce the terms of the service,

(c) Respond to any contentencroaching on the propositions of the rights of the third party, or

(d) Protect SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk), its users and the public's rights, property, or personal safety.

You understand the technical processing and transmission of the service, including your contents may

(a) Be transmitted by various networks, and

(b) Change to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices.



Internationally special warnings

You understand the international Internet's borderless nature, agree to comply with all local internet behaviors of related provision and regulations of acceptablecontent. You agree to comply with all applicable laws with respect to output technicality or personal data about Hong Kong or your country or region that you live in.


9. Public data pasted in SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk)

(a) For the applicable purpose of this service clause, publicly accessible areas of the Service means the areas that can be used by the public. For example, the areas that can be used by the public of the service include the discussion areas.

You select to paste othercontentsat other public use areas of this service, you grant SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) the following rights that exempt license fee and are permanent, irrevocable and non-proprietary or can be re-authorized: globally, use, reproduce, modify, alter, rearrange, adapt, publish, translatecontents, create derivative works, and distribute, display and show previously issued contents (all or partial), and/or put into other works of form, media and science and technology being known now or upcoming.


10. Indemnify

If you provide, paste or transmit contentsby this service, you use this service, you connect with this service, you violate the clauses of this service, or the third person put forward claim or requirement, including reasonable counsel fee because you encroach on any rights of other person, you agree to compensate SPACEPLAN Limited(www.spaceplan.com.hk) and its branch office, branch, supervisor, agent, jointly signed manufacturer or other partners and employee, and make them be safe against damages.


11. Prohibition of service resale

For any part of the service or use or access of this service, you agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purpose.


12. General measures about use and store

You acknowledge that general measures and restrictions shall be stipulated by SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk)about using this service, which will be including but not limited to the longest time that this service will retain short message, bulletin board content or other uploadcontentsand the upper limit of time (and upper limit of use time in each time) that you use the service in general special time. If SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) delete or does not reserve any information or other communications and other contentsremained or transmitted by this service, you agree that SPACEPLAN Limited(www.spaceplan.com.hk) can bear no responsibility. You also agree that SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) has rights to change these ordinary practices and limits at any time voluntarily whether it notices you or not.


13. Modification of service





SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) has the rights to modify or discontinue this service (or any part of it) temporarily or permanently at any time, whether with or without notice. For any modification, suspension or termination of this service, you agree that SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) shall not be liable for you and any third party.


14. Termination

You agree that SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) terminates your passwords, password (or any part of it) or the use of this service and removes and deletes any content in this service because SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) considers and discusses voluntarily due to any reason, including but not limited to use lack, or it thinks that you have violate the stipulations and spirits of this service. Whether informing you or not, SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) can terminates the service or any part of it by its considerations. You agree that this service provided according to any regulation of this service clause can be suspended or terminated without prior notice to you, you admit and agree that SPACEPLAN Limited(www.spaceplan.com.hk) must immediately close or delete your accounts and all related materials in your accounts and uploadingcontents, and/or forbids previously issued files and the use of this service. In addition, you agree that if you have been suspended or terminated into the service, or your account or related information and files are frozen or deleted, SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) shall not be liable to you or any third party.


15. Transactions with the advertisers

The communications or commercial intercourses, or participated promotion activities including payment and delivery of the related products or services that you do with the advertisers on this service or by this service, and any other related clauses, conditions, guarantees or statements of the previously issued deals are behaviors between you and the previously issued advertisers. For any loss or damage with any nature of any previously issued deal or any previously issued advertiser, you agree that SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) shall not be liable.


16. Junction

This service or the third person can supply the junction with other website or resource on the global information network. Because SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) cannot control previously issued contents and resources, SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) shall not be responsible for whether the previously contents or websites are available or not. Any content, ad, product or other material existing in or deriving from previously issued networks or resources do not express that SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) endorses them. And SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) shall not be liable. You agree further that SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) shall not be liable to any loss or damage caused by using or trusting any content, product and service of any previously issued website or resources.


17. Disclaimer

You expressly understand and agree that:

SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) performs obligations related to service according to the terms of this service, limited to use reasonable skills to cautiously supply service to you.

(b) You shall bear the risks when you use the service. This service is provided according tocurrent situationsand existing basis. SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) explicitly instructs that it does not supply any expressed or implied guarantees, including but not limited to business sale nature, applicability of specific purpose and rights that do not violate the third party.

(c) SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) does not guarantee the following matters: (i) the service will meet your requirements, (ii) the service is uninterrupted, provided timely, secure and reliable, or can avoid error, (iii) results from the use of this service are correct and reliable, (iv) any product, service, information or other materials purchased or gained by you from this service will meet your expectations.

(d) Whether you load or fain any material by this service according to your considerations and you will bear the risks. Any damage or material loss of your computer system caused by the loading of the previously issued materials, you should bear full responsibility.

(e) The suggestions and information that you acquire through this service or from SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) do not form any guarantee of unexpressed regulations of this service clause, whether they are in written form or oral form.

(f) SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) shall not be responsible for data loss (including but not limited to post, integration, cream, gold coin, short message, etc.) caused by any related operation or system mistake.


18. Limitation of responsibility

You expressly understand and agree that the loss caused by the following reasons, including but not limited to profit, goodwill, use, data loss or other intangible losses, SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive damages (though SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) has been informed the possibility of previously issued compensation): the service can be used or cannot be used, (ii) any goods, materials, information or services purchased or gained through this service or substitute goods and purchase cost of the service derived from the deals, (iii) your transmissions or data get access or alteration without authorization, (iv) any behavior or statement of the third party in this service, or (v) other related matters of this service (in addition to those that are expressly provided in this service clause in other ways).


19. Exclusions and limitations

Partial jurisdictions do not allow excluding certain liability to guarantee, or limit or eliminate incidental or consequential compensation. So that some restrictions of Article 18 and 19 may not be appropriate for you.


20. Notification

The notice given to you is by bulletin or message. When the terms or other matters of the service change, this service may show notice or connection of notice.






21. Copyright and copyright agent

SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) respects the intellectual property of others, also calls on users to respect the intellectual property of others and cooperate with this great project. If you believe that the remake conditions of your works have violated your copyright, please supply the following materials to SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk):

Electronic or entity signature entitled to act on the owners of the copyright interests.

Descriptions of the works you think that they are violated.

Descriptions of the website location of your works that are violated

Your address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Your think that there is no statement of legal authorization, person with copyright or the agent based on your goodwill

You understand the punishment premise of perjury, and state that you notice that the previously issued materials are correct, and you are the person with copyright.

Please inform us about copyright infringement through the following form: www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk.


22. General conditions

The service term constitutes the consensus of you and SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk), regulates the use of you for this service, and replaces any commitment of you and SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk). When you using related services, the contents of the third party or software, the additional terms and conditions also shall be conformed, the service terms and the relations between you and SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) are governed by law of government of Hong Kong SAR of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter called Hong Kong) and do not apply to the foreign-related law principle. You and SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) agree to accept personnel and exclusive jurisdiction of Hong Kong court. SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) does not execute or perform any right or regulation of this service clause, or does not abandon previously issued rights or rights. If competent court firmly believes any regulation of this service clause is invalid, the party involved still agrees that the court shall reflect that the intention of the parties involved has efficacy, and other regulations of this service terms shall keep complete efficacy and effect. You agree that whether any decree or law has other regulations, the use of this service or any proposition or cause of action derived from this service clause shall be put forward in one year after the occurrence of the previously issued proposition or cause of action, otherwise, they cannot be put forward.

The headlines of this service term are for convenience, and do not have any law or contract effects.


23. Breach of contract

If you find any condition that violates this service term, please notify our customer service department.


Privacy Statement


Welcome to SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) (hereinafter referred to as "SPACEPLAN")! We declare promise for privacy protection of visitors by this privacy right. Our privacy right statement is improving. With the expansion of our service scope, we will update our privacy statement. We invite you to back and check back this statement. When agreeing service agreement of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk), you have agreed that we use and announce your personal information according to this privacy right statement. All terms of this privacy right statement belong to a part of this agreement.


Special remarks for minors

If you are under 18, you are not entitled to use our services, so that we hope you do not supply any personal information to us. If you are under 18, you can only use our service accompanied by you parents or guardian.


User name and password

When you register as a member, we ask you to provide an email address and provide a password question and an answer so that we can confirm your identity after you have lost your password. You can only use your account with your password. If you disclose your password, you may have lost your personally identifiable information and there may be adverse consequences for you. Therefore, for any reason that endangers your password security, you should get in touch with us by info@spaceplan.com.hk.


Registration information


When you register as a member, we ask you to fill out a registration form, which requires you providing your real name, address, nationality, telephone number and e-mail address. In addition, you are required to provide your company's address, telephone number, and a short description of your company's services and products (if any). You also have the option to fill out additional information. The information may include your company's location, fax number, company website, and your job title. We get the member's statistics through registration information. We will use these statistics to classify our members, such as age, business, and country, in order to supply new services and opportunities to our members with pertinence. We will notify you of these new services and opportunities through your email or mailing address.


Your transaction behavior

We track IP addresses for identity and transaction authenticity identification, security considerations and other requirements that comply with national regulations. If we do not find any security issues, we will remove the IP address we collected after 60 days. We also track all-day page access data. All-day page access data are used to reflect traffic of the site so that we can plan for future growth (for example, adding servers).

We will use these statistics generated by you deal behaviors to classify members in order to supply new services and opportunities to our members with pertinence. We will notify you of these new services and opportunities through your mailing address.


Automatic collection of information


SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) may automatically receive and record information on your browser and your computer, including your IP address, information in SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk)cookie, hardware and software feature information, and Web records needed by you.


Use Cookie

Cookies are a small amount of information. Cookies will be sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hardware if you do not refuse to accept cookies. We use cookies to store the related materials that you visit our website, when you visit or re-visit our website, we can identify your identity and supply more and better service to you by analyzing materials. You have the right to accept or reject cookies. You may refuse to accept cookies by modifying your browser's settings, but we need to remind you that you may not be able to use some features of our site that depend on cookies because you refuse to accept cookies.


Disclosure and use of information


We do not provide, sell, rent, share and trade personal information of the users,but to facilitate your use of services (Hereinafter referred to as "other services")of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) and affiliated companies or other organization of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk), you agree and authorize SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) to pass on your personal information to you and affiliated companies or other organization of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) that you accept services or affiliated companies or other organization of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) that supply other services to you can obtain your personnel information.

We will do comprehensive statistics for the identity and transaction data of you and (or) your company, and judge reasonable purpose and application and announce comprehensive statistics to the advertiser by SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk). However, under these circumstances, we will not disclose any information that is used to such organizations, the data from user name of user or other materials can be disclosed are not limited by this.

You agree that we may disclose or use your personal information for the purpose of identifying and / or confirming your identity, or resolving disputes, or helping to guarantee website security, limit cheat, illegality or other criminal offence in order to execute our service agreement. You agree that we can disclose or use your personal information to protect your life or property, or preventing the behaviors that seriously encroach on others’ legitimate rights and interests.

You agree that we may disclose or use your personal information in order to improve our services and to make our services be more suitable for your use, so as to supply a better experience to you when you use our services.

You agree that we may use your personal information to contact you and provide you with information that may be of interest to you, such as: introduction, promotion of products, service, promotion or commercial short information of business investment opportunities, etc. You accept "SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk) service term and this “Privacy Statement”, namely, you agree to receive such information by expressing consent. If you do not agree to receive the above information, you may unsubscribe by short message or other ways supplied by SPACEPLAN Limited (www.SPACEPLAN.com.hk).

Our website publishes business opportunities and quotes submitted by users, and other users can inquire these quotes and business opportunities. When we supply your information due to the legal compulsion or according to the requirements of the government or creditors to identify the behaviors of the personnel who have torts

Information storage and exchange

The users’ information and data collected shall be saved in servers of SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) and (or) the related companies.


External link

The website contains links to other websites. SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) assumes no responsibility for the privacy protection measures of those websites. We may add the websites of business partners or shared brands whenever the need arises.


Open trading information

Your goods information or quotation provided for trade will be displayed in public area, which is open for all users. Please note all open information here will become public information, please think over before publishing your personal information.



Our website is provided with corresponding safety measures to make sure our information des not lose, be abused or changed. These safety measures include information backup on other servers and password encryption for users. We possess these safety measures, but please note there is no “perfect safety measure” on Internet.


Information modification

You can modify or update your personal information and password in [Your SPACEPLAN] (after log in successfully)


Contact us

If you have any pinion and suggestion on the privacy statement, or privacy protection measures provided by SPACEPLAN Limited (www.spaceplan.com.hk) while using, please contact us.

Email: info@SPACEPLAN.com.hk


All terms and condition in the Chinese version shall prevail. In the event of any dispute, the decision of SPACEPLAN limited is final.

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