AQUA Projects Limited
SPACEPLAN註冊日期 07 - 2020
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AQUA Projects is an Interior Design, Build and Project Management firm specializing in luxury residential, A grade office and retail (including F&B) projects.

Our services ranges from pre-lease stage where we will forecast required budgets and schedule, test-fit layouts and feasibility study on space and landlord provisions to closing of project and after services. We strongly believe in“thinking outside the box”meaning we tailor each individual design adding in different design gimmick.

A good design not only uplifts your corporate image, it can promote interaction between staff and increase productivity. Our design is strengthened by our project management service giving the Client assurance as the whole project is made transparent from controlling the cost, time and at the same time lowering risks and managing deliverables - where the Client knowing where their money is spent.

Simon Lo (Project Director)
Having studied Architecture in Sydney (Australia) and worked for various renowned international Architectural design firms with over 16 years experience throughout Australia, Hong Kong and China, covering various sectors of A grade offices, luxury residential, retail and hospitality projects.
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